FUDA (Fuel for Digital Assets) is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform
developed to promote the digitisation and exchange of assets on the blockchain.

By leveraging on the FUDA platform, businesses are able to quickly develop and scale a blockchain based solution
for their own customers. This will enable asset owners to realise the value of their assets, improve efficiency,
reduce the cost of processing and managing assets and facilitate the trading of assets.

How it Works

How it Works

FUDA is permissioned
so enterprises are gatekeepers and only allow users that they want onto the platform.

FUDA uses Proof-Of-Authority (POA)
which increases the throughput of the platform to hundreds of transactions per second.

FUDA has its own native currency
which is used by enterprises to pay transaction fees to the validators for confirming transactions.

Use Cases

These are some of the Blockchain Apps developed on FUDA.

FundPlaces is a real estate investment platform
developed on FUDA. Through the digitisation of real
estate on the blockchain, users of FundPlaces are
able to invest and trade in real estate in a
transparent and seamless way.

StayCay is an innovative hotel booking platform
that enables its members to get the best value
for their holidays through the purchase of hotel rooms
at a preferred rate.

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